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holistic wellness retreats gold coast


2-hour workshop

LED BY your two passionate and dedicated hosts

Women's Holistic Psychologist | Sound Healing Practitioner | Yoga Teacher

Tantric Mala Weaver | Sound Healer

2023 Dates TBA


holistic retreats & workshops Gold Coast

Workshop overview

Join us on a journey to connect within through the ancient art and rituals of sacred adornment and yogic beauty practices that will uplift your radiance and leave you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.


This will be a retreat full of wonderful learning and discovery, as well as plenty of fun, laughter, and space to feel relaxed and refreshed!


Key Goals

Learn about the art of adornment, health and beauty rituals, and yogic practices for maintaining your youth, vitality, and joy.


Connect with your own specific rituals of adornment, and release limiting beliefs associated with your own beauty and allowing its highest expression.


Learn how to strengthen your aura and radiance for self-containment and preservation, as well as relaxing the nervous system to allow for creative expansion, connection to higher self, and expression of your natural beauty.


Learn practical and simple exercises you can apply in your own time and space to continue to strengthen your connection to your own beauty and courage to express this authentically with others.

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