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About Us

D I V E into what you love

Our Ethos

Wisdom is realising that everything is interconnected. Our freedom and future rests in our capacity for self-acceptance and non-judgemental awareness in each moment. When we practice moving in a peaceful way, we do this not just for ourselves, but for the whole world.

Inspired by our beloved teacher, Thay (Thich Nhat Hanh)

Why we do what we do

Our human existence is so short and precious, and we long to see you do what you truly love in life with integrity and without harm to yourself or others.
That's why we're here to focus on your health and well-being first. Life doesn't have to be a constant struggle! 

We're here to help you more easily access the joy and contentment that underlies life's constant ebbs and flows.

Our Team
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Arissa Brunelli

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Carby Toscano

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How we help

We tailor and integrate a range of highly effective therapeutic approaches to facilitate what we call your own ‘internal alchemy’; your natural capacity for healing and self-realisation.

We provide a peaceful and sacred space that's non-judgemental and filled with positive intentions, so that you feel safe and inspired on your journey to grow, heal and connect to the beauty and magic of your everyday.


We believe the foundation for helping others is compassion and devotion to personal practice that expands our presence and awareness. This enables us to grow and unfold with humility, grace and openness.

Who we are

Forever students of our earth and cosmos, dedicated to discovery and growth; we are your catalysts for Deep Inner Virtue Exploration (D.I.V.E.), and partners on your journey towards optimal health and wellbeing.


Arissa Brunelli

Founder of D.I.V.E.

Holistic Psychologist | Sound Therapist | Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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Arissa provides a peaceful space and compassionate presence for those seeking healing from the inside out - psychologically, physically and spiritually.

Arissa invites clients on their healing journey to engage in the process of compassionate inquiry to facilitate greater self-understanding and WHY a 'disorder' or 'dysfunction' may be present.  It is this self-understanding that is the first key to healing and also to the development of adaptive coping responses that allow a sense of liberation and functioning with greater ease and enjoyment in daily life over the long term.

In her earlier years, Arissa trained at the high performance centre of Victoria and travelled interstate and internationally as a rhythmic gymnast. Through her many hours of dedication, practice and training, she became fascinated by the power of the human mind and the almost limitless ability of the human body. It was around this time, she decided to embark on the study of human Psychology. She completed her undergraduate studies at both Monash University and RMIT University in Melbourne, Victoria in 2005, and later completed her postgraduate studies and Masters degree(s), studying part time whilst teaching yoga and working as a research assistant, from 2008 to 2013.  Since then, Arissa has worked as a mental health practitioner across a wide range of industries including corporate, workplace mental health, educational, forensic community health and private practice. She has collaborated and published with some of the world’s leading clinical researchers in headache and migraine treatment, and is also known for her work in suicide prevention and workplace mental health well-being.

 Arissa has many years of extensive training and experience, and integrates a range of highly effective therapeutic approaches including psychotherapy (eg. CBT, ACT, EMDR, MBSR), yogic breath-work, heart-coherence training and sound balancing to facilitate the body's own 'internal alchemy'.

Arissa is also passionate about encouraging health practitioners to work together; to value each other's role and contribution in working towards the common goal of helping people seek healing, happiness, and empowerment in their own lives.

To start your D.I.V.E. journey with Arissa, book online via the link below or call (07) 5618 8882

Carbonio (Carby) Toscano

Yogin | Surfer | Free Diving Enthusiast

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Carby currently works 'behind the scenes' here at D.I.V.E. and plays an important role in supporting the smooth delivery of services to our clients. Although Carby considers himself 'retired' from the commercial yoga teaching scene, he is well known for his influential teaching role in yoga, breath-work and meditation, and has spent many years sharing his enthusiasm and passion for helping others to explore and grow in the their own way through these teachings. Many of his previous students have now gone on to study teacher training themselves, and continue to share what Carby inspired them to learn.