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Women's Integrative Counselling

Holistic and trauma-informed care with a licensed psychologist. Guided by the discoveries of modern behaviour science and ancient technologies to form a truly holistic offering designed to up-level your health and vitality. 

During our time together, our goal is to ultimately help you:


- Overcome self-sabotaging patterns that hold you back 

- Shed your limiting beliefs and create self-acceptance 

- Learn to express your needs effectively

- Tap into your innate inner wisdom 

- Connect to your intuition and psyche 

- Experience the truth of who you are 

For women (aged 16 plus) who need assistance resolving health

difficulties such as:


Past or recent trauma (eg. PTSD)

Phobias and/or anxiety

Sleep difficulties or ongoing fatigue

Chronic stress & pain, including headaches and migraines


Emotion dysregulation

Interpersonal conflict / relationship distress

Poor life satisfaction / Life transition / Adjustment difficulty


Work-related stress

Post-injury return to work

Suicide ideation

Sessions are tailored to your needs and include the integration of various therapeutic approaches including sound balancing, breath work, heart coherence training, meditation, and relaxation training ~ intended to enhance and sustain

therapeutic results.

Psychological treatment approaches may include; Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing (EMDR), and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).


1:1 Sessions:

60 min session $181

Offered via virtual connection or in person.

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Sound Healing Therapy

A remarkably efficient and profoundly healing treatment method utilising frequency medicine to tune the human bio-field and create greater balance and harmony emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Gentle and highly effective sound healing therapy sessions applying the principles of resonance and entrainment; utilising a range of specifically calibrated tuning forks and instruments that produce both audible sounds and vibrational frequencies with a high degree of coherence that have been scientifically shown to positively effect health, including sleep quality, mental clarity, relaxation, emotional wellbeing, improved skin tone, reduced inflammation and alleviation of pain.  Read more about the psychology of sound and energy via our blog here


*Please note whilst treatment can be tailored to your needs, it may result in a detoxification effect on the body, and therefore is not recommended during pregnancy, or for those with severely compromised immune systems (eg. undergoing chemotherapy), or for those wearing pace makers. Please talk to us if this applies to you, so we can recommend appropriate options to support your healing.


1:1 Immersive Healing Sessions:

Initial Session 90 mins $211

Follow up Session 70 mins $201

Offered via virtual connection or in person.

Yoga & Sound Meditation

Discover the powerful technology of the physical and meditative practices of yoga, incorporating breath exercises, mudras, and mantras that act as a 'diagnostic tool' and facilitator for sharpening your awareness, self-insight, alignment, focus and balance in your life.

We offer group yoga and meditation sessions via virtual connection and in person at our peaceful beach-side abode. Be safely guided to learn and connect with your body and energy, tap into your neurology and meridian systems with the powerful use of breath techniques and kundalini practices.

While occasional practice can help you experience positive benefits in the short term, developing a regular practice enables you to build your resilience, expand your presence, and deepen your devotion ~ connecting to your truth and power within.

The session incorporates deep relaxation with a healing sound bath to aid in integrating the experience and connecting to your inner wisdom and strength. 

Bookings are essential. Book online to register and reserve a spot. 

Includes the opportunity to connect with other wonderfully loving and supportive souls in our community.

Arrive on time with an empty stomach and well hydrated. 

Connecting via virtual connection: Please ensure you have a stable internet connection and good headphones.


Evening group sessions:

80 min $25 (Wednesdays 6pm, QLD local time)

Offered via virtual connection or in person.


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