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1:1 Therapeutic Services

A Safe and Peaceful Space Filled with Positive Intention


Overcome the impact of the past and reclaim your freedom

Holistic Psychology and Integrative Therapy Gold Coast QLD

1:1 Therapeutic Sessions

Highly personalised sessions for in-depth transformation from the core outwards

Women's Counselling
holistic psychology Gold Coast

Women's Holistic Psychology and Integrative Therapy

This is all about helping you move from that place of feeling stuck or fearful, towards discovering the paths of action that heal and support the whole you.


It's about reconnecting and learning to trust your inner knowing, the truth of who you are, and reclaiming your freedom to express your beautiful uniqueness from a place of deep integrity and joy.

These sessions are guided by the discoveries of modern behaviour science and ancient technologies to form a truly holistic offering designed to up-level your health and vitality.


Offered by our holistic and trauma-informed psychologist, Arissa Brunelli

1:1 holistic healing sessions gold coast

How Will You Feel After Your
1:1 Holistic
Healing Sessions 

Past clients tell us of their own experiences....


  • Feeling overwhelmed, scattered, exhausted or 'burnt out'

  • Feeling consumed by thoughts of worry, self-doubt, or feelings of anxiety

  • Feeling insecure, lonely, or socially withdrawn

  • Feeling un-motivated and held back by self-criticism, or comparing yourself negatively to others

  • Negative relationship behaviours and patterns

  • Nightmares, flash-backs or disturbing future predictions

  • Sense of safety, calmness and ease

  • Greater sense of self-acceptance, compassion, and fulfillment

  • Feeling confident to be yourself with others

  • Energy to live your day and feel connected with the sweetness of life

  • Healthier boundaries and self-worth

  • The past no longer defines or holds you back

"True belonging is the spiritual practice of believing in and belonging to yourself so deeply so that you can share your most authentic self with the world and find sacredness in both being a part of something and standing alone in the wilderness.


True belonging doesn't require you to change WHO you are; it requires you to BE who you are"

Brene Brown

holistic psychologist burleigh heads

How we'll work together



Authentic connection and unconditional acceptance  are key to effective therapy. We provide a sacred and safe space so that you can heal and explore new ways of relating from a place of integrity and self-love.



Bringing to light the parts of our self and that which is unspoken within us, allows us to discover, appreciate, and shift our relationship to it. We'll work together to help you express what needs to be expressed; deepening your self-understanding; the first key to healing.



Cultivating self-compassion allows our deep wounds and parts of our self to heal and return to their natural wholesomeness. We’ll work through limiting self-beliefs and help you cultivate kindness towards yourself as you grow and unfold.



Our bodies are wonderfully wise and contain the emotional landscape of the many roads we've travelled over our lifetime. We'll work together to help you tap into this inner wisdom and discover the emotions seated within your beautifully messy landscape, so that you can work with them rather than against them.



A sense of freedom arises as we connect mindfully to the present moment, and accept ourselves as we are. Together we'll strengthen your capacity to be with what is unfolding moment-to-moment so you can tune in to the beauty and magic of your everyday, and recognise the abiding presence of  your true self; deeply good, loving and whole.

Therapeutic approaches

"Over the years I've learned how to facilitate meaningful change by crafting a health care approach that brings modern science and spirituality together. It is a truly integrative and holistic approach that gets to the core of the issue and is personally tailored to support the whole of you ~ mind, body, soul, and spirit. I offer a warm sacred space where you can be supported in your healing journey."

Arissa Brunelli | Founder of DIVE Healing

DIVE within to discover your depths and healing potential

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