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sound bath & breathwork gold coast

Breathwork and Sound Healing Immersion

Creating deeply relaxing and enriching experiences
through breathwork and sound healing

Breathwork and Sound Healing Gold Coast QLD

LED BY our devoted wife & husband duo

Women's Holistic Psychologist | Sound Healing Practitioner | Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Yoga and Breath Awareness Practitioner

Sound Bath & breathwork Gold Coast Immersion

Session Overview

Breathwork and Sound Healing Immersion

A 90 min group session to connect with your breath, heart, and the ancient art of sound healing 


Be guided into the deeply relaxing and enriching breath (pranayama) meditations and drift into a peaceful ‘yogi sleep’ with an immersive sound bath experience. 


Enjoy a complimentary heart-warming cacao beverage and lovingly prepared home-made treat post session. Take a moment to sip and soak up the wondrous landscape and ocean views, commune with a loved one or friend or simply enjoy the self-care in quiet solitude.


Reserve your blissful journey today!

Breathe . Relax . Unwind

Give yourself permission to unwind and relax into the blissful sounds of your breath and the ancient art of sound healing. Tend to your inner self, develop subtle-body awareness, and nourish the seeds of love and gratitude.


Our breath is the most simple yet profound way to enter the deep state of blissful meditative awareness. When we learn to use the breath in an effective way, we can cure ourselves of many ailments, reduce inflammation and stress, and further prevent chronic conditions from developing.


When combined or followed by a sound bath the results can be greatly enhanced. In a sound bath, the practitioner will play various instruments with deep resonating tones and vibrations (such as crystal singing bowls, gongs, Tibetan bowls and chimes) which emanate into the body and surrounding environment, allowing the meditator to enter deeper states of contemplation, relaxation and switching off the body's 'fight-flight' reflex.


There is a growing body of scientific research into sound baths and breath, with studies revealing positive effects on mental and physical health, such as reduction in tension, negative moods, and anxiety, as well as improvements in heart rate variability.

Broaden your capacity for relaxation, and strengthen your own spiritual practice to help support you intelligently navigate the life landscape.

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