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breathwork gold coast hatha yoga - pranayama

Pranayama (breathwork) Focused Hatha Yoga

Preserve and channel your life force energy known as Prana

Breathwork focused Hatha Yoga Gold Coast  QLD

Breathwork focused Hatha Yoga with Carby

The breath is where life in our physical bodies starts and ends. You are here because you are breathing.

breathwork gold coast hatha yoga with Carby

Harness the power of your breath and gently support the nervous system to release old patterns and create a foundation of steadiness and ease.


Carby has been passionately sharing the teachings of yoga for almost a decade and has maintained a steady and devoted daily practice since his early 30s after a traumatic surfing injury led him to the path of yoga. It was here that he learned how to heal and understand his own mental and physical health through mindfulness, conscious breath and movement ~ taught through the Hatha yoga method.

Experience a 90-minute journey of Pranayama or Breathwork Focused Hatha Yoga, where you will be gently guided through various breath (pranayama) practices and slow paced movement sequences (postures), concluding with meditation and deep relaxation.


You should be in generally good health before attending and ensure that you have your physician's approval to attend.

If you are seeking one-on-one therapeutic care, please contact us directly to enquire about our Holistic Psychology Sessions, particularly if you are struggling with significant mental/physical health concerns. 

breathwork gold coast hatha yoga - pranayama sessions

Breathwork focused Hatha Yoga

 Weekly semi-private breathwork focused hatha yoga sessions

Journey to your Wise Self through the practice of authentic Yoga at DIVE Healing. 


Our pranayama / breathwork focused hatha yoga sessions are offered in an intimate and healing space of no more than 6 participants, so it feels like you're having your very own private session with us! Enjoy the comfort and safety of a smaller group yoga setting whilst you soften into your healing journey within a therapeutically supportive and safe environment. 


For more information about the practice of Hatha Yoga, please scroll down and read the section titled "About Hatha Yoga."

Yoga Sessions
When & Where

Monday Evenings 5:00pm to 6:30pm


Thursday Evenings 5:00pm to 6:30pm


DIVE Healing Consulting Space / Private Residence in Burleigh Heads QLD (full address and directions confirmed upon booking)

Times displayed in Brisbane, QLD  AEST

How do I make a booking for Breathwork focused Hatha Yoga?

BOOK NOW in three easy steps

1) Click the booking link and register as a new member, create your account

2) Select and purchase the 'product' (ie.  Session pack or Drop in)


3) Book the sessions via the schedule you wish to attend. 


Attendance is via appointment/booking only as spaces are limited.


We offer our semi-private yoga sessions in a private space of no more than 6-8 participants, so we kindly ask that you complete the new client registration process via the booking button below.


You may also view the pricing and schedule via the booking button below.


Once registered as a new client, download the Momoyoga App to easily and conveniently manage all of your bookings (including rescheduling)

breathwork Yoga gold coast

About Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is an ancient yoga system that originated in India and is a branch of 'Raja' Yoga.  Although it dates back thousands of years, it is still just as relevant and powerfully impactful today, and continues to be shared across many countries around the world.

The meaning of Hatha yoga is to "attain a state of yoga (union) through force", where the word 'force' reflects the conscious effort and concentration required to prepare the body to take higher dimensions of energy. 

The literal translation of Hatha is "Ha" meaning sun, and "Tha" meaning moon. This refers to the (seemingly) opposing energetic forces at play within our bodies (and wider environment) and that affect our state of health. Hence, the intention of Hatha yoga is to balance the "sun" and "moon" energies within us, to achieve a state of equilibrium. 

As the name suggests, our breathwork focused hatha yoga sessions, give special emphasis to the pranayama practice of yoga, which encourage us to gently expand our awareness, release trauma held in the body, and support the nervous system.

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