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breathwork & kundalini yoga gold coast

Yoga Sessions

Semi-private and Trauma Informed Group Yoga Sessions 
Harness the power of Conscious Breathwork. Restore Balance to the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Yoga Sessions for Healing and Holistic Wellness
Gold Coast Queensland

Yoga Sessions to Support Therapy

Heart led semi-private group yoga sessions. 

A trauma informed approach. Experience the teachings and breathwork of authentic yoga in a wholehearted and sacred space. 

 Gently unwind whilst being supported on your journey towards realising your innate wisdom and healing potential.

Yoga for self-care

Journey to your Wise Self through the practice of authentic yoga at DIVE Healing. 

Heart led semi-private yoga sessions held each week at our intimate healing space in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast. 

Here at DIVE Healing, we aim to provide you with a range of options to nurture your wellbeing and self-confidence whether it's whilst you undertake your one-to-one therapy sessions, or beyond.

We share the teachings of yoga in a wholehearted and sacred space, allowing you to gently unwind, whilst supporting you on your journey towards realising your inner potential.

Our combined experience of over 20 years in teaching and a devoted daily practice, offers a wealth of understanding and expertise, and a commitment to upholding the integrity of the yoga methods as they were passed down to us.

breathwork gold coast kundalini yoga

"Inhale, and God approaches you

hold the inhalation and God remains with you

Exhale, and you approach God

hold the exhalation, and surrender to God"

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

calming breathwork gold coast kundalini yoga

Who are our yoga sessions suited to?

These yoga sessions are ideal for you if you're seeking...

To build upon ways to manage stress and anxiety more effectively

Support to improve upon your self-care strategies between therapy sessions

Novel ways to stretch your window of tolerance, and gently restore your nervous system 

To take action and/or accountability for enhancing your therapy goals

Opportunities to connect with other beautiful souls who share the vision of taking enlightened action to build a brighter future for everyone

Ready to book your semi-private yoga session?

Which methods of yoga do you offer?

Semi-private yoga sessions for nurturing self-compassion and wellbeing

Our yoga sessions are offered in an intimate and healing space of no more than 6-8 participants, so it feels like you're having your very own private session with us! Enjoy the comfort and safety of a smaller group yoga setting whilst you soften into your healing journey within a therapeutically supportive and safe environment. 

An overview of our yoga sessions are provided below.  You can learn more about each of the methods by clicking the "learn more" button. 


Our yoga sessions are specially catered to supporting your self-care and wellbeing between your one-to-one therapy sessions, and can also be enjoyed with your loved ones and/or those supportive of your healing journey.

Learn more about our yoga sessions

kundalini yoga gold coast

Kundalini Yoga Sessions

90 min Weekly Semi-Private Group Sessions

Release your body and nervous system from being held in a certain pattern. It's time to release trauma and unburden those memories. Experience the freedom and power of kundalini yoga ~ incorporating physical kriyas (sets), breathwork, mantra meditations, and the transformative sound healing tones of the Gong and/or Crystal Bowls.

Every Wednesday & Friday

(excl. public holidays)


yoga & breathwork gold coast

Pranayama (breathwork) Focused Hatha Yoga

90 min Weekly Semi-Private Group Sessions

It's time to take care of yourself and awaken to the power of breathwork. Re-build your nervous system, support your wellbeing, and reclaim your innate wisdom and devotion. Experience pranayama (yogic breathwork) focused sessions incorporating slow paced movement practices from Hatha Yoga.

Every Monday & Thursday

(excl. public holidays)

Yoga Sessions Schedule

Monday Evening
5pm to 6:30pm ~ Pranayama | Breathwork focused Hatha Yoga with Carby
Wednesday Evening
5:30pm to 7pm ~ Relaxed Pace Kundalini Yoga + Sound Healing with Arissa
Thursday Evening
5pm to 6:30pm ~ Pranayama | Breathwork focused Hatha Yoga with Carby
Friday Morning
9:30am to 11am ~ Energising Kundalini Yoga + Sound Healing with Arissa

How do I make a booking?

BOOK NOW in three easy steps

1) Click the booking link and register as a new member, create your account

2) Select and purchase the 'product' (ie.  Session pack or Drop in)


3) Book the sessions via the schedule you wish to attend. 


Attendance is via appointment/booking only as spaces are limited.


We offer our semi-private yoga sessions in a private space of no more than 6-8 participants, so we kindly ask that you complete the new client registration process via the booking button below.


You may also view the pricing and schedule via the booking button below.


Once registered as a new client, download the Momoyoga App to easily and conveniently manage all of your bookings (including rescheduling)

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