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A journey towards freedom and living in your truest essence


D I V E  within to discover your depths and healing potential​

Holistic therapy for women to release the inner struggle and reclaim their freedom to unravel the sweetness of life and live in deep integrity with their own essence and truth

Pink Sky

A Centre for Holistic Medicine

Discover a peaceful place and health care approach reinvented with the whole you in mind.

We know it can be hard to give yourself that time and space to really get to the crux of why you feel that sense of 'stuckness' or uneasiness in your life at present. Like many of us, you've probably tried lots of different ways to take the edge of those 'niggling' feelings, but these short-term tactics seem to keep leaving you empty-handed, frustrated and at odds within your self. 


It's time to cultivate access to your Wise Self, and align with that which truly uplifts and sustains your health, dormant energy supply, and natural joyfulness; so you can live and BE your most authentic and free spirited self in this lifetime.  


Give yourself permission to heal.

We'll focus on helping you truly live from a place of deep integrity, aligned with your values, accessing your unique strengths and innate creative expressiveness to manifest and live the life you have been longing for.

We D I V E to the heart of the matter
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Women's Holistic Therapy

1:1 Highly personalised sessions for in-depth transformation from the core outwards


Holistic and trauma-informed sessions with a licensed psychologist


Attend via virtual connection or in person

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."


Reclaiming our freedom

In this moment in history we are all in need of cultivating access to our Wise Selves and our ultimate wholeness and connectedness. We are in need of letting go and evolving beyond the veneer-based approach of 'control' and 'contain' - what Einstein identified as 'the illusion of separateness' - so that we can help acknowledge and heal the complex divisions in our world. 

D.I.V.E. offers an approach based on the truth of who we really are at our core, so we can reclaim our freedom to unravel the sweetness of life, and live in deep integrity with our own essence; our natural state of wholeness, love and interconnectedness, embodied in human form.

When we live with this deep sense of respect and connectedness within ourselves, to our communities, our natural environment and broader cosmos - there is a far greater likelihood we will be able to make choices that support our health and happiness (rather than sabotage it), and our capacity to show up in the present moment and respond to whatever is arising (internal or external) will expand, and so will our expression of inclusivity and integration as a collective.


"When one experiences the truth, the madness of finding fault with others disappears."

S.N. Goekna

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Consultations offered via virtual connection and in person


Book online, or get in touch via phone or email to book a consultation, if we're busy leave us a message we'll aim to get back to you within 24-48 hours

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